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Alicia Keys Promises 'New Me' on Next Album, 'Girl on Fire'
Details are scant, but singer says fifth LP is about 'fresh starts'

Michael Kovac/Getty Images for City of Hope

By Rolling Stone
August 15, 2012 8:50 AM ET

Alicia Keys promises to unveil a "new me" on her next album, which the singer says is called Girl on Fire and "is about new beginnings, new perspectives and fresh starts."

Few album announcements sound as breathlessly excited as Keys did in a post yesterday on her website, though she offered more details about how the new music makes her feel than about the album itself. "You’ll be learning more about it soon," she wrote, "but let me just say before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked in a cage . . . I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew, I felt like it was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!"

Keys recorded mostly in New York, though she notes that "on some cool and memorable occasions, I traveled to different places, and worked with many collaborators, (some old friends, some new)."

There's no release date or track listing yet for Girl on Fire, though Keys recently leaked a song, "New Day." The album follows Keys' 2009 release The Element of Freedom. It's looking like the singer will be keeping busy, though: she's also set to appear as a mentor on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model.

http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ … z23d4elZwf


Girl On Fire: Alicia Keys slips into form-fitting sheer dress as she unveils name of new album

By Virginia Skeels

PUBLISHED: 04:38 GMT, 15 August 2012  | UPDATED: 15:20 GMT, 15 August 2012

One of the best-selling music artists of all time, Alicia Keys has sold over 35 million albums, and more than 30 million singles.

And she will no doubt be adding several more million sales units to the tally with the release of her fifth studio album, Girl on Fire.

The singer-songwriter today released the new name of her album, together with a provocative new photograph, presumably to be used as the album cover art.

Racy: Alicia Keys released this photo today with the name of her fifth studio album, Girl on Fire

The new photo shows the gorgeous singer and actress in a figure hugging black dress, which is see-through save for an oblong piece of opaque fabric covering a narrow strip down the front.

New look: Alicia's look on her previous album was angelic white

Alicia's look on the new album is a big departure from the fourth studio album, in which Keys appeared wrapped in angelic white, her head covered in a silver head dress.

'I’m in the studio right now working away on my new album and I am SO excited!!!' Keys wrote via a diary entry on her website.

'I’m ignited!!! I’m like a match to a flame!'

The 31-year-old Grammy winner says she has had the title of the new album in her mind for a long time.

'It’s been hard to hold it back and now I’m not holding it back anymore! It is called Girl on Fire!!! And that’s exactly how I feel!!!

'You’ll be learning more about it soon… but let me just say before making this record, in some ways I felt like a lion locked in a cage…

'I felt like a girl misunderstood that no one really knew, I felt like it was time to stop making excuses for any part of my life that I wanted to change. Once I made that choice I became a Girl on Fire, the lion broke free!!'

Multi-million-dollar artist: The 31-year-old singer has sold over 35 million albums

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/ar … -Fire.html


Alicia Keys talks to EW about her upcoming 'Girl on Fire', reveals new album cover

AUG 23 2012 12:11 PM ET
by Ray Rahman


For our Fall Music Preview, on stands tomorrow, we spoke to Alicia Keys about her upcoming album, Girl on Fire, due Nov. 27  — and she had plenty to say about the recording process, getting the tiniest member of her family in the studio, and why that title is not a reference to a certain bow-and-arrow-wielding girl warrior. Read on:

EW: Let’s start with your album title, Girl on Fire. I know that you wrote that you wanted to make a change in your life and represent a new journey and a fresh start, but is the title also influenced by The Hunger Games?

Alicia Keys: You know, the funny thing is that it’s actually not. It was such a shock when I heard about The Hunger Games — I wasn’t aware of the book at that point. And I didn’t realize that, I guess, that’s what they call the one girl. So we tried very hard to make it all work and put the song in — and to put parts of what I was developing in with the movie. Anyway, obviously it came out way too early, so the timing wasn’t right. But, no, it has nothing to do with The Hunger Games. That powerful feeling is what it’s all about.

You found success at a relatively young age, and you’re only 31 now. Why did you feel the need for a fresh start?

It came more from a personal place. And when I talk about changing, I think I mean maybe more evolution. There was just a moment in my life where I was just realizing all of these things, and they just became really clear. All of a sudden, I realized that things that I had dealt with before, or things that I thought that I wanted in my life before, or things that I thought were acceptable to me before just started to be different. I didn’t feel that same way anymore.

I think that was simply evolution and becoming more conscious and aware of who I am and what kind of life I want to have. You don’t just have to take the s— they dish out to you; you don’t have to take it. You can actually make a conscious choice to say, “You know, that’s cool, but I’m going to leave that one behind.” And there’s something very empowering about that — acknowledging how far you’ve come because of it and then being strong enough and brave enough to leave it behind. Which is not nearly as easy as I’m making it sound because it wasn’t that easy for me either.

Obviously, that takes a lot of time; that takes a courage that, I think, sometimes we doubt we have inside of ourselves. And so just all those discoveries made me realize that this overall claiming of what type of life I want to have is what made me change for the better.

Did any of this have to do with giving birth to your son, Egypt?

Definitely. It’s like you go through an immediate — you get an immediate perspective shift. There’s just nothing like it. And, all of a sudden, it’s like you’re a full-on f—ing grown up. It’s obviously because you’re a mom and you’re caring for another life. But it’s more than that: It’s like you have a sense of what feels right and what doesn’t feel right.

It’s so interesting how before I would literally debate and debate and debate, like, “Hmmm, should I or shouldn’t I?” Or If I had a particular choice to make, it would be like “Maybe I should…” And it’s like the debate is gone now. I know pretty instantly what it is. If I just listen to myself…you know, “Well this cuts in too much to that, and this takes away too much of that. And I just don’t feel comfortable with that, so I’m just going to let that go.” It’s just easier. There’s definitely that growing up and more consciousness of what important to me at this time and why I’ll do anything to make sure that that stay’s true.

So this will be your first grown-up record, would you say?

Yeah. It’s interesting, even as I think about it, my last record — which I’m so proud of and I loved the way we were able to do so many progressive musical things and kind of push the envelope forward for me as an artist. As an artist that’s part of what gives me excitement — pushing myself forward to a new place. So for The Element of Freedom to have done that for me, to have been able to do that with my last record, I’m so proud of it. But as I look back on it, I’m like, “Interesting, Alicia, that you chose to call this an element of freedom because, in actuality, at that point, there was only an element of it.” Now, there is far more to it. It’s kind of incredible; it’s great.

So were all these songs written after Egypt? Or were some of them from before?

I have to say pretty much all of them were written after Egypt. You know, I have a lot of songs, and many of them won’t make the record—but that’s just the nature of things. I do feel like the majority of them were written after, so that’s cool.

Where did you record the album? You said you traveled the world recording it…

The majority of where I recorded was in New York.That’s my hometown, so I love being here and there’s something really powerful about this city that resonates in me. I was definitely here for the majority of the time, and then there were a couple of other places as well. I recorded in London and in Jamaica, which was the first time I ever did that. And that was really cool because it was a gathering of these very interesting collaborators that would never be in one space together…ever! And it just created such an igniting, crazy creation of music and just like explosive situation.  That was really cool. I told myself, “I’m never doing an album without doing something like that.”

What ways musically does this album represent a new start?

This album represents a new me in every way. I mean, you’re still going to feel me and you’re still going to identify with what part of me you’ve identified with before. So that’s the cool part. But everything about it is different because my mind frame is different, the energy about it is different, the song lyrics are different. There was something that happened to me that I just really wanted to write these great songs. I sat there and was just really focused on writing songs. I wasn’t focused so much on creating some crazy beat. I wanted to write these insane songs that could live on their own and people couldn’t deny them. So I started a lot of the process like that and because of that a lot of the songs are actually very simple.

But because they’re so simple, there might be this big, huge beat in it. And maybe there’s the piano in it, and then maybe there’s like this kind of piano in it that sounds like a guitar in it. And then maybe there’s like a bass in my voice — and that’s it. Whereas I thought [before] that I had to put 300,000 different instruments in a track for it to sound big, I realized that the less I put in it, the bigger it sounded because it just occupied difference spaces. And that was it. So there’s kind of a rawness to it, I think — like a bigness from that.

How’s the process of being on tour and playing live changed now with the baby?

Well, I haven’t gotten to the touring part yet, so you’re probably going to have to ask me that in like 6 months. [Laughs]

Are you nervous about leaving your son behind while you go on tour?

Oh, I’m not leaving him, are you kidding me? I wouldn’t even go anywhere if he wasn’t coming! I’m actually really excited about it because he’s at the perfect age to come with me. He’s just at that great, beautiful age where he’s exploring so much and he’s learning so much. He’s taking everything in.  I feel that 100% it’s going to make me look at the world in different eyes.

It’ll be his first tour.

Well, technically it’ll be his second tour because he was in my belly for the tour before this.

You’re not going to give him a Blue Ivy cameo on your album, are you?

I don’t know; he might need a cameo, you know what I mean? He might. I don’t know what’s going to happen. You mean the song Jay[-Z] did? I don’t know; he may need to say a couple words. There’s one song in particular called “When It’s All Over” that he may need a little feature on. So we’ll see.

I can’t wait until Blue Ivy and Egypt put out an album together.

I’m telling you, I think that they’re going to have a big future. [Laughs]

http://music-mix.ew.com/2012/08/23/alic … interview/


Whole New State of Mind

Published: September 6, 2012

ALICIA KEYS’S recording studio, the Oven, is on a high floor of a West Chelsea building, with a panoramic city view. The little alcove used for vocals gazes out toward the Empire State Building.

Alicia Keys on her new album, “Girl on Fire”: “I didn’t care about a beat. I didn’t care about a hot track. I didn’t even want to hear those things.”

“That view is really special,” Ms. Keys said by telephone from Curaçao. “Being in the studio for years and years and years, most people never see the daylight.”

It’s a new locale for Ms. Keys and one new ingredient in “Girl on Fire” (RCA), the album she will release in November. Another is that she is now married, to the producer Swizz Beatz, and a mother; Egypt, her son born in 2010, makes his recording debut on one song.

“I couldn’t have had more brand new fresh experiences ever all at one time,” she said. “There’s a real solidness that I’ve never felt in my life before, that comes from having a stability in my family and having a focus and purpose because of my family. I’ve always had my own purpose. But there’s something broader and clearer about having something outside of yourself.”

Ms. Keys wrote her latest songs with some new collaborators, among them Bruno Mars, Jamie xx of the xx, and the British singer and songwriter Emili Sandé. “Everything is different,” she said. “I was really open, and I was really looking for that kind of newness.”

The record, her fifth studio album, spans extremes. It includes booming, affirmative anthems like “Girl on Fire” and “New Day.” It also has songs that place Ms. Keys alone at her piano. When she began working on new material about a year ago, she found that the rhythm-driven songwriting of much current pop didn’t appeal to her this time around.

“I was really focused on writing, on the crafting of a song, more so than anything else,” Ms. Keys said. “I didn’t care about a beat. I didn’t care about a hot track. I didn’t even want to hear those things. I wanted to create a song.”

The ballads may well be the album’s most telling tracks: songs like “Brand New Me,” in which a woman finally asserts herself against a domineering partner.

“That’s definitely my story, 100,000 percent,” she said. “But that thing happens to all of us. Even though it’s my story, it’s everybody’s story. That’s ultimately the goal: that people can feel what you feel.”

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/09/arts/ … .html?_r=1


EXCLUSIVE: Alicia Keys Talks Girl on Fire Details, Solves 'Put It in a Love Song' Video Mystery

By Derrick Bryson Taylor
Friday, September 21, 2012 | 1:45 PM

Alicia Keys is extremely focused these days. Like most women, she's juggling many things at once: she's promoting her brand new line of Reeboks, balancing a homelife with husband Swizz Beatz and raising her 2-year-old son, Egypt. Keys took time out of her busy schedule to speak about her latest album, Girl on Fire, out November 27. From listening to the music, it's clear Keys is in a new space this time around. ESSENCE.com caught up with pianist to chat about the details of her forthcoming project and a revealing song called, "Brand New Me." On top of that, Keys takes a moment to solve the mystery behind her long-awaited "Put It In a Love Song" video with Beyoncé.

ESSENCE.com: You have five albums under your belt with a catalogue of classics. Girl on Fire is all about a new you. How are you going to serve up a brand new sound while still delivering more classics?
ALICIA KEYS: I don't think it's really anything to be concerned about. I think that for me, I've always started my music mostly on the piano. There is a certain style of music that I just gravitate towards – that's probably going to be a piano and a voice, and something kind of stripped back and simple. That's going to happen naturally. Then there are other styles that come through or are new for me, or inspire me because they sound different. But nine times out of ten, they start at the piano. If they end up evolving and they have different sounds in them then it's all good. The music always starts from home base. So you'll always get what you're looking for from me while also being able to grow with me to the next level. I think it's a cool balance. When you hear the whole record, you're going to love this one the best yet.

ESSENCE.com: There's a song on the album called a "Brand New Me." It's also really revealing. Tell us about the inspiration for the song.
KEYS: It's my autobiography. Every lyric is accurate to how I feel. It's really about finding your bravery. Finding that strength to walk taller, to not stay under somebody any longer. I think in our relationships and our life, as we're growing up, we naturally gravitate towards people and what they say means a lot to you. You might value their opinion very highly and all that's good. That's a part of learning. But at a certain point you have to step out on your own. This album and this time in my life is a real reflection of me stepping out on my own.

ESSENCE.com: How can someone be on fire like you?
KEYS: By being yourself. By finding your passion. I think that's the cool thing about being on fire. It's about not trying to be anyone else. It's about finding your comfort zone. It's about setting yourself free and releasing things that might have held you back, people that might not fit with you anymore. It's about stepping into your confidence and knowing that you trust yourself, your thoughts are valid, you're smart, you know what to do and you trust your own spirit. I think it's about stepping into your light and owning it, however it is. I think that's what being on fire is.

ESSENCE.com: Finally, fans have been dying to know what ever happen to the "Put It In a Love Song" video you shot with Beyoncé?
KEYS: Ohhh man! Y'all aren't going to leave me alone about that! Sometimes with creative things [it] all comes together and it's (makes perfection kissing noise) and sometimes things almost come together and it's better to just leave it. So we love that song. We had a ball shooting the video. It just so happens that the whole thing, for some reason or another, didn't quite come together so we just decided to leave it. And that's what happened.

http://www.essence.com/2012/09/21/exclu … o-mystery/


В одном из последних интервью Алиша прокомментировала, почему клип на дуэт с Бейонсе "Put It In A Love Song", который был включен в альбом The Element Of Freedom, так и не вышел:

Иногда подобная креативная работа получается на одном дыхании, в совершенстве, и иногда - почти получается, и тогда лучше ее отложить. Мы любим эту песню. И было довольно весело снимать видео. Просто так сложилось, что по какой-то причине это не сработало, и мы решили оставить этот проект в покое.


Интервью Алиши для New York Times, которое она давала в своей студии. Опять-таки, нового совершенно ничего: очередной рассказ об изменениях, произошедших с ней после замужества и рождения ребенка, поиске вдохновения для написания новой музыки, которое Алиша черпала слушая записи Frank Ocean, Марвина Гея и Нины Симон. "Girl on Fire" - заглавный трэк альбома. Алиша обозначила его как "хулиганский, роковый". Почему-то автор статьи сравнивает песню с "Just Like A Pill" P!nk. Я ничего особо общего у них не слышу. Идет речь о балладе "101", которую характеризуют "основой классического соула" в стилях Принца и Стиви Уандера. Также новая музыка Киз отражает современные тенденции. New Day - как раз отражение новизны, привнесенное творчеством Бейонсе и Рианны. Отмечаются и изменения в голосе Алиши - он стал "немного хриплым".

Доступен видеофрагмент интервью. Я загрузила его на Dailymotion. Если удалят, перезалью в контакт.


Alicia Keys Goes From Spark To Fire

Alicia Keys on ‘Fire’: Alicia Keys describes the process of creating her new song 'Girl on Fire'.

Published: September 27, 2012

Alicia Keys got the spark for the title track of her new album at a very meta-moment: while reading about herself. “It came from this interview that I did, and the woman wrote something like, ‘She’s like a girl on fire,’ ” Keys said recently at her studio. “And I was like: I love that. And I remember thinking, I’m writing a song called ‘Girl on Fire’ for sure.”

The next question was, as she put it: What does a song called “Girl on Fire” sound like?

It might seem an obvious thing to consider, but figuring out the sounds that complement your ideas is one of the most important decisions in music. In the wake of her last album, “The Element of Freedom,” in 2009 — which made its debut at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart and failed to make No. 1, a first for Keys — and given the fact that she was a new mother, she decided to take it slowly while working on new material, listening to some of the songs that inspire her. “I’d come in and listen to music,” she said. “I was listening to some Frank Ocean, definitely some old stuff, like Nina Simone. Just whatever I thought on the day — an easy vibe, not to put too much pressure on it. And then maybe I had a rough idea, maybe something I’d started, or I’d write a little bit, or if I had an idea I’d put the idea down. Maybe it was just piano, and I’d sing some vocals for it, just see if I liked it.”

One day, she was in the studio with two collaborators, the producers Jeff Bhasker and Salaam Remi, and she brought up the “Girl on Fire” concept. Together they tried different chords and melodies, but nothing struck her as quite right. “They just didn’t spark anything,” she said.

Then Remi, who has made hits for the Fugees and Amy Winehouse, moved to the computer. “He started going through his sample library and all these different crazy drums. And there were these loud, obnoxious, just destructive drums, and I was like, Yeah! A girl on fire is loud and obnoxious and destructive and just, like, totally unrelenting and she’s free, you know what I mean?” She’d found her sound; now she could start her song. “That’s what a girl on fire sounds like.”

For Keys, the search for songs started way back when she was 7, living with her mother in a tiny apartment on the West Side of Manhattan and singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” in the mirror. When friends of the family were giving away a piano — it wasn’t much, just a wood upright from the ’30s — they asked Keys’s mom if she’d like to have it. She took it, and Alicia started to play.

“When I was first learning songs, I’d have a favorite song, and I’d take the chords and twist them around,” she said. “I’d learn the chords and then play them backward. That was my first experimenting with writing a song.”

More than 20 years and four albums later — with the fifth, “Girl on Fire,” set to be released Nov. 27 — her method isn’t all that different. You can see it even when Keys is just warming up at the piano in her studio, a neat and airy space in New York that houses several vintage keyboards and offers expansive views over the city. She still gets ready to perform by moving through slow progressions and mutations of the chords, feeling her way toward the song.

After that initial breakthrough with the “Girl on Fire” drum samples, she wrote the song with unusual swiftness. All three collaborators started throwing out bits of melody and lyrics: “She’s got both feet on the ground and she’s burnin’ it down.” The song came together in a few hours. All that was left to do were some tweaks and to find a bridge.

The “Girl on Fire” lyrics are characteristically Keys, evocative but unspecific. You might imagine the girl-power message nods to Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of “The Hunger Games,” who appears in a key scene wearing a gown of flames, but “Girl on Fire” also speaks to Keys’s life, which has changed recently with marriage and a new son, Egypt. In her lyrics, her aim is to be personal while stopping shy of confessional, a technique she learned from listening to Marvin Gaye. “As a lyricist you love to hear other great lyrics or other great concepts,” she told me. “I really appreciate Frank Ocean’s lyrical style, I appreciate the way that he can kind of draw you into this personal space, but it’s still lyrical. It’s almost poetic, in a way, but it’s very personal at the same time.”

On a recent late-summer day at her studio, she kicked into a rendition of the finished song: “She’s just a girl and she’s on fire: hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway.” The melody recalls some of the easy attitude of Pink’s hit “Just Like a Pill” — the kind of punkish, rockish track that marks a departure for Keys from her calmer, more self-possessed songs in the early 2000s. But like Keys’s past work, the new material has a recognizable backbone of classic soul and R&B. And the simmering emotions of songs like the quiet, longing ballad “101” have their origins in lots of listens to Prince’s smoldering “Beautiful Ones” and Stevie Wonder’s moody “They Won’t Go When I Go.”

“I wouldn’t listen to it for lyric inspiration,” she said of the Wonder track, “but it’s more for the tone, for the sound of the vocal, for the way the piano feels and how he’s delivering it. It’s dark and vulnerable but still beautiful and inspiring.”

Her new music is also plainly conscious of current trends. While the meat of the album — including the track “Not Even the King” — is recognizably Keys, piano-driven and stylishly smooth, the defining moments are more unexpected. The first song released from “Girl on Fire,” in June, was the raucous anthem “New Day,” which combines the aggressive percussion of Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls),” with Rihanna’s island flavor and pepper-shot syllables (“celebrate and say hey-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay”). Keys’s voice has become ever so slightly huskier in the 11 years since “Songs in A Minor” and its lead single, “Fallin’,” made her a superstar. “Girl on Fire,” with its belted high notes and exposed, soaring chorus, keeps pushing her up against the limits of her range.

Halfway through the song, she laughs. “What I’m gonna ask myself is why I wrote this song so high,” she said. “ ’Cause I didn’t even get to the chorus yet, and I’m asking myself what made me write this song so high?”

The challenges pay off in impact. On Sept. 6, the song made its debut at the MTV Video Music Awards. Keys stood at the keyboard in a slinky top and skintight pants and pounded out “Girl on Fire.” Nicki Minaj rapped a verse, and Gabby Douglas, the Olympic gold medalist, did handsprings backward and forward, smiling broadly.

The performance was posted to YouTube, where someone wrote a comment that might well have come from Keys herself: “this song (to me) is about any girl with confidence despite the trials and tribulations she may endure. so yea it could be about someone as real as Gabby or a fictional character named Katniss or it could be about YOU.”

http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/30/magaz … =tw-nytmag


Обложка The New York Times Magazine, в котором выйдет интервью с Алишей. Я о нем писала постом выше.



Ой, не нравится мне эта обложка. Зачем сделали этот эффект размытия? В глазах от него зарябило сразу. :(


Jane Doe написал(а):

Зачем сделали этот эффект размытия?

Ну, типа girl on fire :rofl:


Nadin написал(а):

Ну, типа girl on fire

Ах вот оно что! Как оригинально с их стороны! Вау!


В журнале Rolling Stone от 11 октября появится статья про Алишу:



После выступления в Линкольн центре, Алиша дала интервью ET, в котором рассказала о своем новом альбоме "Girl on Fire". По словам Алиши, запись этого альбома стала для нее своего рода путешествием через уязвимость и незащищенность, приступы страха... Она пыталась найти свой путь, свой голос - все то, что она пережила. Сейчас Алиша чувствует себя гораздо более безопасно, гораздо увереннее - на перемены повлияли замужество и рождение ребенка. Она радуется каждому новому дню. Также Алиша рассказала, как ей было сложно вернуться в былую форму после рождения ребенка: "Это была очень трудная, тяжелая, болезненная работа. Некоторые люди могут съесть стейк с картофелем и хлебом, и быть в порядке. Я не из таких, мне приходится следить за собой".

Видео интервью здесь.


Алиша выступила в качестве приглашенного редактора популярного женского портала iVillage, рассказывающего о красоте, здоровье, моде, семье. В эксклюзивной колонке и интервью Алиша рассказала, как ей удалось добиться гармонии со своим телом, мыслями, душой, как ей удается совмещать роль матери и жены с профессиональными навыками и бизнес-леди. Алиша поделилась фото, на котором видно, что помимо активного фитнеса она еще занимается йогой.



Красивая фотка. Еще бы цвета выровнять, и вообще супер.


Очень похоже на то, что фотка была обработана в Instagram. Хотя, вроде, в твиттере Алиши я ее не видела.


Прочь комплексы: Алиша Кис в журнале Complex

Один из величайших талантов своего поколения - соул-дива Алиша Кис, чья звезда разгорелась с новой силой после выхода нового альбома Girl On Fire, открывает зимнее издание журнала Complex нежной фотосессией и рассказывает о самом сокровенном:

О конкуренции:

Мой конкурент – только я сама. Я не сравниваю себя с другими ни в профессиональном, ни в личностном плане и не хочу быть похожей кого-то еще.
О материнстве:

Материнство стало для меня ключом к внутренней свободе. Ее необходимость назревала для меня уже очень давно, и появление на свет моего сына Египта наконец подарило мне ее. Я стала ощущать себя женщиной. Была девочкой, а теперь я женщина.
Об имени малыша:

В 2006 году я решила в одиночку съездить в Египет. Плавала по Нилу, смотрела храмы, гробницы и пирамиды. Это было очень впечатляюще - я ощутила в себе силу Клеопатры. Когда мы узнали, что я была беременна, супруг сказал: путешествие в Египет стало таким важным для тебя периодом. Египет действительно изменил твою жизнь. Разве это не повод назвать так малыша? Я подумала и согласилась.

О необходимости риска на пути к счатью:

Мы столько времени своей жизни тратим на то, чтобы сдерживать свои желания, бесконечно ждем чего-то и откладываем на потом. Мы не делаем ничего, чтобы заполучить желаемое просто потому, что все возможные способы свершения мечты кажутся нам неуместными. Я сама прошла этот путь. Так я искала свою женственность и любовь. Без риска любовь не обрести.

О стереотипах:

Мы все зажаты тисками глупейших стереотипов, которые нам насаждали с детства. Однако людям необходимо понять, что, даже если они не суперзвезды или чемпионы, они все равно прекрасны, умны и талантливы. Я стараюсь говорить об этом в своих песнях.
О честности:

Жить,  в действительности, очень легко, если только у вас в кармане есть ключ, открывающий все двери, – честность. Но быть честным нелегко. Более того, это даже опасно и вредно. Но именно это качество делает вещи проще. Поверьте мне.

http://www.spletnik.ru/look/editorial/3 … mplex.html


Для журнала Complex Алиша составила список 25-ти ее любимых музыкальных альбомов: http://www.complex.com/music/2012/11/al … te-albums/


Специально для нашего сайта Lelik перевела статью про Алишу из испанского издания El Pais Semanal. Оля, спасибо еще раз огромное за твой труд! :cool:
Статью можно прочитать на сайте в разделе Пресса, здесь. :flag:


Nadin написал(а):

Специально для нашего сайта Lelik перевела статью про Алишу из испанского издания El Pais Semanal.

спасибо!!! :flag:

заметил ошибку!

Надо сказать, что ее мама отдала дочь учиться музыке, когда той было 7 лет.

разве не в 4 года Алишия начала заниматься музыкой?

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